"I first met Stormbringer on Nov 30, 2011.   Going through a divorce with nothing to do, one day my neighbor said "Johnny, you need to come out and see this band Stormbringer", so I went with him.  

From that day on I was going out every night to see them, taking pictures and posting them to my Facebook page.   Two months went by when Rick Moon and John Vasalakis came to me and said, "since you come out to see us every night, why don't you post your pics on our Facebook page?" I said "hell yeah". 

That's how I got together with Stormbringer band.

I have met a lot of big stars since I've been with Stormbringer.  Back in the 70's, I used to open all my car windows and blast Kansas songs, and now here today, I'm friends with Robby Steinhardt!!  

It can't get any better.  "